This decision to run for Kentucky Senate District 6 has been a long time in the making. I’ve worked for 45 years in finance, helping organizations cut wasteful spending, while creating better-quality jobs for their workers. I’ve also been involved with charitable organizations in our communities for 22 years. I believe these experiences will serve me well at our state Capitol and I’m eager to put my skills to work for my neighbors and friends in Jefferson, Oldham, and Trimble County.

Without a doubt, Senate District 6 is the economic engine of Kentucky. As your next state senator, I’ll fight to safeguard our freedoms while bringing our tax dollars back to our local community. We need government to react quickly as we address the changing needs of our residents. It is precisely times like these that we rely on our political leaders to cut the red tape and find solutions to our most-pressing issues.

On the Issues


We must root out wasteful spending, invest in stronger businesses, and foster an environment for quality job creation. Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, our state is going to have some extreme fiscal challenges to overcome. It will be a monumental effort, to be sure, but our Commonwealth will get back to where we were before this pandemic began.


We would be wise to listen to our friends in the medical community and take measurable steps towards more accessible health care for our residents. This is a two-fold issue: we must (1) reduce the costs where possible and (2) ensure that quality of care improves. As your state senator, I will be able to take a greater role in the legislative process and prevent bad policy decisions from being made on behalf of our medical workers.


I owe my early successes to a strong education, as well as a supportive network of teachers, friends, and family. I will support new, educational opportunities in Kentucky, while making sure tax dollars are not taken away from our public schools. For the past 3 years, I have taught equine finance at the University of Louisville. I enjoy helping other people become successful by teaching fiscal and conservative values.  I believe every one of us has the potential to learn new tricks, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, and change our path for the better.


No one said fiscal responsibility was easy, and we expect government leaders to be responsible stewards of our tax dollars. We are making progress, but the combined tax rate in Kentucky is still one of the highest in the country. I believe that we made excellent progress two years ago shifting more of the tax revenue from income taxes to sales and usage taxes. Kentucky also enjoys a nice tourism industry and we need to generate tax revenue from those who visit our state. The ultimate solution is to spend wisely and efficiently so that tax rates and revenue can be reduced.

Pensions have also been a real topic of discussion in our state. I believe we need to effectively manage the assets and investments of the pension plan and implement regular audits.


The first bill that I would file in the Kentucky Senate would be to provide additional infrastructure support and funding for the Oldham County and Metropolitan Louisville areas. One thing that I notice when I travel around Kentucky is how so many counties have better roads and bridges than our area. We generate the most tax dollar revenue in the state, but unfortunately, not enough is coming back to our area. I will work toward equalizing this equation.



I am pro-life and deeply against all forms of abortion. I have been endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life for this race. I am also a member of the Knights of Columbus Council 13053, which is active in pro-life work.

2nd Amendment Rights

We have a large community of outdoorsmen in Kentucky and for good reason. We have an abundance of opportunity for outdoor sports activities and relaxation. Our Second Amendment right to gun ownership is a part of this lifestyle and I will fight for our inalienable rights.

Freedom of Religion

My wife and I are members of St. Bernadette Church and St. Mary's Academy and I served as president and member of the Pastoral Council and Finance Committee. Faith is a deeply personal and important aspect of our lives. Our Commonwealth faces difficult issues and tough decisions, but freedom of religion is not something we should debate.


My wife is a retired nurse with the Louisville Veterans Hospital, so this issue is near and dear to my heart. As part of our enduring commitment to our men and women in uniform, we must do all we can to support our veterans. That also includes our troops on the ground around the globe.


The Louisville area has been especially hard-hit by drug abuse and overdose. Every day, families in our communities lose loved ones, especially to heroin and opioids. Our communities are doing their part to fight this epidemic, but we need more solutions to this complex problem. I support increased funding and access to addiction services as well as increased education and enhanced penalties for major traffickers.


I am the chairman of Dismas Charities in Louisville – an organization that runs residential re-entry centers around the country and provides services to support former non-violent offenders. I believe strongly in this mission to rehab people to become productive law-abiding citizens because it will only help improve the economy and build a stronger workforce in Kentucky.